4 May, 2017 4 May, 2017

Surf Ninja: Brandon ‘Buzz’ Lange

Brandon ‘Buzz’ Lange is your typical frother from the South Coast of Durban who has been taking part in the series of new WQS events in South Africa. When he isn’t finishing up his studies you can get your last buck that he will be in the water. Meet our latest surf ninja below…

Name: Brandon Lange
Local Spot: Saint Mikes


Best thing about surfing?

The amount of possibilities and variables that can come together and give you that session that’s worth all the other times you just missed out on because of tides, daylight, swell direction. Those sessions are like gold!

Worst thing about surfing?

Probably how hard it is to impress people nowadays with the amount of talent in surfing. Everyone is just shredding!

To make a living I…?

Am still working on it!

Three tracks/songs that help you shred?

Tinush – Journey
J. Cole – Fire squad
Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’

Best surfer in the world right now?

John John Florence.

Dawnie or Arvo sesh?

Dawnie with my dad and Arvo sesh with the boys!

Which surf spot do you have to surf before you die?


When you are not surfing, you can be found where?

Studying at home or visiting my girlfriend and her family out the back in their farmhouse.

Biggest fear?

An outbreak of shark attacks in my area, that would be gnarly!And spiders, spiders too.

Best surfing memory?

Probably the weekends with my Dad and all my friends on the beach when we were all still little grommies. My dad pushed us onto waves for hours and always made sure we were having fun, thanks ballie!

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