7 December, 2017 7 December, 2017

Summer Bummer – Out Now!

Dear Zigzag readers,

Here we have Richard Hambloch’s latest edit entitled; Summer Bummer, starring one of our all time favourite South African style masters, Ricky Basnett.

This here edit has been made exclusive to our online publication, so do hit play, kick back, and enjoy our Summer gift to you.

PS: Please do read our interview with the man below.






Zag: Hey Ricky, what was it like being back in your old stomping grounds? What were you doing back in the hood?
Ricky: Ah man it’s always so good to go home, being able to just chuck on a pair of boardies and jump into fun waves is the best! We were actually there for an exhibition I was doing for #shakasleds. Made a sick little batch of bonzers that we showed at Counter Culture in Florida Rd, was a jol!

Zag: So what was the idea behind Summer Bummer? Was it something you and Richard Hambloch had been planning for a while, or was it just something you guys kinda came up with last minute?
Ricky: Ja it was super last minute, I’ve been wanting to film with Rich for ages but we just haven’t connected until now. I just sent him a message when I got to town and luckily he was around. Sometimes really cool shit happens when you just wing it.

Zag: How many sessions did it take to get all the footage?
Ricky: Jeepers we only had like two hours of filming one morning at shitty onshore dairy bowl! Kinda stoked with what we managed to achieve with the limited timeframe, but I’m amping to make a proper banger with Rich next year… watch this space! 

Zag: So you’ve pretty much transitioned from a competitive surfer to a full on free surfer, does competition inspire you at all anymore or do you just trip out on getting footage?
Ricky: Ummm, sometimes I watch the highlights of the WT events, but that’s about it haha. Filming and shooting photos has always been my favorite though, contests can suck a deek! 

Zag: We know you kinda dig experimenting with equipment, what boards you been digging at the moment?
Ricky: I’ve been lucky enough to get onto the Haydenshapes team, so been riding his performance boards for a while now and they are next level! On my side of things I’ve been shaping some step up twins that I’m really into at the moment, and I’m also frothing hard on Duo’s (double single fins). Fuck I’m also still way too amped on my stand up bodyboard, the thing goes so fast at the points down here.

Zag: Who do you gather most of you inspiration from in surfing?
Ricky: I watch a shitload of online clips, pretty much anything that has come out in the last three years I reckon I’ve watched. In saying that there’s  only a few select ones that are worth watching though. Anything by Reynolds, Mason Ho, John John and Noa Deane get me psyched. Besides that I watch a lot of skating clips, they probably get me more amped than anything right now.

Zag: OK thanks for the chat Ricky, one last question, St Francis or The Bluff, you can only choose one! haha
Ricky: Bluff ou’s Locos! (but i do love ya st’ franny)

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