26 June, 2014 26 June, 2014

Sumatran Surf Hero

In 2010, Shaun Payne, Donovan Zoetmulder, Adin Jeenes and Etienne Potgieter were accompanied by Zag lensman, Alan Van Gysen, deep into the heart of South Sumatra for our Indo issue (Zag 34.2). The article – Deep South – showcased some amazing waves. However, it missed one rare anomaly – a masked vigilante who, despite being completely out of his element (prefers high rise buildings to large bodies of water), seemed to be right at home in this Sumatran line up. (click images to view larger)

It was a rare sighting of the the masked vigilante.

Donovan was more than happy to be sharing waves with a hero from his younger years.

Spidey’s super agility came in handy as he threaded some Sumatran barrels.

It’s always nice to take a break from massive responsibility.

One last swoop before the sun sets.

It was a rare sighting indeed, but with more important details to include in the article, Spidey never made the edit. You can read the original article below. (click to view larger)





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