6 December, 2017 6 December, 2017


Ahhh yes, another month of filthy pits from round the country. South Africa just loves to deliver filthy pits for those who own the soiled green mumba. Except maybe PE. That place is just windy.

Anyhoo, there were a couple of banger entries into the Striped Horse Challenge for the month of November. The judges sat behind their desktops for hours, deliberating and considering, and in-between deliberation, they downed Striped Horse Lagers to help them view the entries from a neutral perspective. After a split decision from the panel, the November winner of the Stripped Horse Challenge is >>>>>>>>>>>>> Josh Redman.

Jonny Paarman had this to say ’bout Josh’s wave, “You can see that wave is proper and ridden with aplomb. You know how shallow it is and he’s just so casual in the barrel. Obviously it’d be nice to see the end of the wave, but kudos to the videographer for putting himself right there in the pit.” 

Josh will receive R1000 worth of Hurricane accessories, a case of beers from Striped Horse and gets placed in the running for the grand prize at the end of competition. 



*There’s one last month left in the Striped Horse Challenge, and like we’ve continuously informed you chargers, the victor will receive a return flight to Hawaii and R30 000 cash courtesy of Striped Horse and Zigzag; and R30 000 worth of accessories and surfboards from Hurricane Surf, plus R10 000 will go to the videographer/photographer who captured the ride.

Find out more about the Striped Horse Challenge here.

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