6 September, 2017 6 September, 2017

Striped Horse Challenge – August Winners

The Striped Horse Challenge is in full swing with entries rolling in from all around South Africa. Winning entries from each month go in the running for the grand prize at the end of the contest, which includes a return flight to Hawaii courtesy of Zigzag, R30 000 cash from Striped Horse, R30 000 worth of accessories and surfboards from Hurricane Surf, plus R10 000 will go to the videographer/photographer who captured the ride. So without further ado, here are the Striped Horse August winners:

The voting was unanimous, with all judges picking the eventual winners.

Beating of the Month:
Josh Redman
Wave of the Month:
Derek Horlock
Greg Emslie had this to say about Derek’s spicy pit: “It was thick, scary, not easy, very deep, and when that one section came over I thought he wouldn’t make it. The other tubes were nice and clean, but much easier and predictable. Derek’s tube was WOW!”
Josh receives a case of beers to soothe the pain, and becomes a finalist for the overall Wipeout prize of R5 000.
For his efforts, Derek receives R1000 worth of Hurricane accessories, a case of beers from Striped Horse, and gets placed in the running for the grand prize at the end of competition.
For more information regarding the Striped Horse Challenge, click here
Cover Image: Marck Botha

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