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Sophie Bell – The Double Champ

KZN local, Sophie Bell is one the athletes getting ready for the Corona Durban Surf Pro presented by Quicksilver. Sophie, the 2016 World Junior Tour regional champ, recently brought home the double gold after winning both the WQS women’s division and the Junior division at the Buffalo City Pro. Quite an achievement for the young ripper. We gave her a call as she back in Durban for the next stop on the City Surf Series.

Zigzag: You took the win in both divisions this weekend in some testing conditions. How you feeling and what worked for you this time around?

Yeah I was super stoked to take both wins this weekend. The conditions were really hard as I didn’t stop paddling in every heat, (laughs), but once you found a good wave you could do so much on it. The Reef really suited my surfing as I prefer powerful waves and I really enjoyed surfing that wave!

Sophie grinding it up in Durban. © Fabian Coetzer

What are your thoughts about the new series of events?

It’s super sick to have all these WQS and JQS events here in South Africa. It gives everyone a lot more experience and time to get more determined. It also allows surfers to save money from not having to travel overseas to compete in the same WQS 1000.

Tell us about that shark scare?

(Laughs) I can’t actually believe there was a shark, it was pretty unreal because it was my last heat of the day, I had surfed about 6 heats already so I was very tired. Then as I got my last wave I saw everyone freaking out on the beach and I realised that there was definitely a shark by to me. I can’t believe how close it actually was but I am super stoked it was a mako and that Tayla and I are okay!

Goals for the year?

My goals are to just keep surfing, have fun and always learn from my mistakes or just from people in general.

Sophie with family and friends. Image provided.

We hear you have a private training spot in Mozambique, tell us about it?

Yeah I’ve been going to Mozam a lot to this place where no one goes – it’s pretty sick. No one else surfing but you and your friends and it’s just such happy vibes!

Do you see yourself going for the WQS in the future?

I can definitely see myself giving the QS a shot in the future, let’s see where it goes!

Who are your biggest competitors?

Everyone’s surfing has improved so much since last year it’s crazy! Everyone in my division will be good competition. 

What’s your strategy for the Durban?

In Durban I just want to catch the best waves and surf how I can surf and I’ll be stoked!

Sophie at her secret Mozambican training ground.

*Featured Image By: Kim Bouchier

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