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Sneak Peak – 41.6

Isn’t Africa just a great place. “The biggest continent in the world…” according to Jacob Zuma. Here at Zag we’re not so sure about Africa being the biggest continent in the world, but we’ll tell you, it’s a damn nice place to live. Our latest issue entitled; Africa, we look at all the joys of being African and livin in Africa. 

We packed three of our fav South African surfers into a van and sent them deep into the heart of the Transkei in search of waves and good times. The crew included the lovely Emma Smith, Ricky Bobby Basnett and Avuyile Ndamase. And they returned all smiles, hard drives filled with superb imagery.

We took a trip up North to Nigeria, hung out with locals of Tarkwa Bay, and witnessed first hand how surfing is impacting the locals one wave at a time.

Be sure to enjoy ‘Lens Flair’ a feature which focus’ on the epic winter we’ve enjoyed thus far, with images of absolutely cranking waves from ’round the country.

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A return to Lagos, Nigeria, to catch up with old friends and test the sick, barrelling lefts on the other side of
the breakwall.


Emma Smith, Ricky Bobby Basnett and Avuyile Ndamase explore the Transkei.



Cranking waves from around the country for you to enjoy.



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