20 September, 2017 20 September, 2017

Slater’s Wave Pool Event Just Happened

So KING Slater just had his first ever event at his wave pool. Firing waves on tap! The event was a huge success (apparently) and it serves as a tester for things to come. The event was taken out by Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore. Here at Zag, we have a thousand questions, but we’ll leave you with 5 before you click through and watch the highlights:

1.) Do surfers get to ride waves before the event starts?

2.) Are rights and lefts judged on seprate scales?

3.) When is the first live publicly broadcast competition going to be held

4.) Can KING Slater make the waves any bigger?

5.) Why wasn’t Jords in the video?

Click here for more on the event.

Cover Image: WSL / Kenneth Morris

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