5 June, 2013 5 June, 2013

Slade Prestwich Wins in Fiji


Slade Prestwich has won the Volcom VQS Global Champs in Fiji, with some ‘meat and potatoes surfing’ according to the commentators. They’re obviously talking about the age-old tradition of power surfing.

It’s not by co-incidence that SA surfers shine on tour when competing in quality waves – It’s because of the great waves we have at home, and of course a long and proud power surfing heritage – which includes the grunt of Pottz and the torque of Jordy.

Well, Slade can now add his name to that long list of Saffa surfers who’ve ripped in international events in quality waves.

Slade bangs a 'meat and potatoes' turn at Cloudbreak.

Slade bangs a ‘meat and potatoes’ turn at Cloudbreak.

The 18 year-old Durban local, who was raised on a diet of perfect South Coast points as a grom, spoke of his renewed focus on his surfing in 2013 when Zag chatted to him a couple of weeks back. He’s been putting in the hours with his new coach, and his hard work and focus have now paid off – US$10,000 to be exact – and with the current exchange rate smiling down on the blonde-haired blue-eyed man, the rewards are sweet.

Daveid, staring down the barrel into second place.

Deivid, staring down the barrel into second place.

The final was contested against Brazilian goofyfoot Deivid Silva, who was slotting into some very long barrels on his forehand. In the end Slade’s backhand power blasts were way too rad for the judges to ignore, and a 17.23 heat total was his reward – including a 8.90 and a 8.33, which are some big numbers for ‘meat and potatoes’.

Slade’s now heads to the USA to take the next step towards his desire of being on the Dream Tour – he’s off to slog it out on the WQS.

We hope it cooks!


You can watch replays of all of Slade’s best rides by checking out the Heats on Demand >>

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Check out the official press release below.



18-year old South African surfer Slade Prestwich has won the 2013 VQS Global Champs! The powerful regularfoot from Durban used big turns and precision barrel riding to get past runner up Deivid Silva from Brazil.


“I’m so stoked to have won this,” he said. “Thanks to all my friends back home, my sponsors, Volcom for putting on the event, and all the other guys in the comp—we’ve had the best time ever hanging out together at Smuggler’s Cove!”


The Volcom VQS is a global series of contests that are free to enter, and culminate in regional championships. The winners of the regional championships were invited to Fiji to participate in the 2013 VQS Global Champs. Congrats Slade!

Results for the 2013 VQS Global Champs
1st: Slade Prestwich (ZAF) $10,000
2nd: Deivid Silva (BRA) $3,000
=3rd: Taylor Clark (USA), Jordan Lawler (AUS) $1,000

Visit www.volcomfijipro.com for more.

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