15 November, 2016 15 November, 2016

Silence Of The Shams – Full Clip

A band of SA’s best chargers  just dropped the full clip from a trip to Ireland where they tested their luck on some big wedges and had a great craic of a time: 

‘Frank Solomon, Daniel Redman & Josh Redman recently spent a month on the North West coast of Ireland exploring potential setups, firing lineups, beautiful countryside & the occasional pub. Meeting up – and hanging out with local “shams” including Conner McGuire, Dylan Stott, Barry Motheshead & Noah Lane definitely helped to keep the good times rolling, both in and out of the water. The result? “Silence of the Shams”, an edgy surf edit saturated in laid back Irish lifestyle and culture .’

*Featued Image By: Jason Coniry / Surfer: Frank Solomon

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