15 June, 2019 15 June, 2019

Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago

Nic Aberdein making sure he got the ‘Mayor’ of the Rox, Frewbru, some solid content for the gram!!

Pretty much, we caught it on the springs with the low and New winter offshores with a touch of a swell. Got to love winter. Not much swell was on the charts but worth a fun, uncrowded one with the sand filling in the slots, plenty barrels were had.  ~Nic Aberdein

Was probably one of the strongest mornings offshores this winter so far after that freezing southwest buster yesterday. The full low tide and some energy in the swell made for a pretty fun dawnie! Something like that I guess was also rad that the sand is back on those banks, super shallow out there. ~ Mike Frew

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