28 March, 2019 28 March, 2019


Last months brief – ‘ENERGY’….sooooooo it was pretty much open to interpretation. It could’ve been anything from water exploding off the bricks, buckets being thrown from a turn, an expression on a surfers face hell anything as long as it was dripping in ENERGY.
Now with that in mind, take another look at the shot above. That’s what we were talking about when we set that the challenge, some sharp shooting from Nic Aberdein to snap that signature piece of surfing from DVZ. 
A word from the Photo Ed himself:  “Davey van Zyl transferring every once of his energy from his board to the wave in this months winning Shot Bru Challenge” – Greg Ewing
Next months challenge is Travel. It can be a line-up, a lifestyle image or anything in between but try have an element that shows it’s from outside our South African Borders. Whatever your ‘TRAVEL’ shot is, make sure when you chuck it up on Instagram you tag @zigzagsurf and @hurley and use the #shotbruchallenge its the only way you gonna win bruv.  See the example below from Greg Ewing.

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