20 September, 2018 20 September, 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, another month another winner! The Shot Bru Challenge pres. by Hurley is starting to gain some serious momentum with entries blowing up our inbox. The talent our countries sharpshooters have been showing is pure class, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for this competition.

This month selecting a winner was no easy feat. In the end, the editorial team settled on an image that struck us right from the word go. It was the perfectly timed frame above, from Jono Greenway which had all the elements including great colour and photographic skill to make it a deserving action winner.

In contrast, this next months competition is Empty Perfection. It can be anything from a beautifully lit pulled back lineup to an unridden barreling water shot. So get those cameras, get shooting and get on it!  Take a look at the images below from the photo editor himself Greg “The Sheriff” Ewing to draw some inspiration.  


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