2 May, 2019 2 May, 2019

Shot Bru Challenge Winner – Chris Bond

Last months challenge was ‘Travel’. It could have been a line-up, a lifestyle image or anything in between but with an element showing that it was outside our South African Borders. 

On his recent trip up the west coast of Africa to Senegal for their historical inaugural QS event, Chris Bond captured Max Elkington out doing his thing. The foreground although seemingly familiar to scenes here in SA perfectly complemented the surfing and encapsulated the idea behind the ‘travel’ challenge! Solid work Chris!

Travelling to West Africa was a unique and great experience! Trying to capture it to share the experience is however something completely different. Max was surfing this super fun left 6 hours a day, and I was wishing I could be out there surfing! You’d take off on dry sea urchins, and end up on dry sea urchins, but the way the wave ran along the reef was a blast! p.s. The man on the right has a bird cage, you pay him to set a bird free!!” – Chris Bond

This month the challenge is going to require some thinking, we can’t make it easy every time!! This month we keeping it topical following the heavy rains in KZN that highlighted the extent of the plastic crisis. So, we give you the ‘Environmental Challenge’…. How you interpret this one is up to you, it just needs to demonstrate/showcase man’s toxic grip on our oceans… Get thinking, you have the whole month!! 

Whatever your ‘ENVIRONMENTAL’ shot is, make sure when you chuck it up on Instagram you tag @zigzagsurf and @hurley and use the #shotbruchallenge its the only way you gonna win bruv. 






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