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There you have it, one of the easier decisions the judges have had to make. Twiggy gone done it again, just look at the size of that thing. Arguably one of the biggest and baddest barrels the madman has ever got. For a full break down of the day, you can catch up here. In a close second place was the prince of Kalk Bay, Jordy Maree with one of the better waves we’ve ever seen come off that reef.
Taking home the beatings prize was the frothy faced South Coast cat, Nick Njapha. Now, on to the next one. The final month of competition. So far the month is wide open, with only two beatings entries. Take a page out of Mr Wonka’s book and grip that golden ticket. With only a few weeks remaining this could be your time to shine. Hopefully, if you were good, Santa will send you one helluva Christmas prezzie the way of waves. Goodluck….
So what did the judges have to say then, well go on, hows a look!!
AVG: Twig
It’s a nuts ride – paddling into that wind, the drop and negotiating that length, big tube ride. Very much deserving of the win this month.
My second choice is Jordy Maree at Kalk Bay Reef. Also a tricky, very fast drop and one of the longer, bigger tubes I’ve seen at Kalk Bay Reef in the last few years.
Paul Canning: Twig
I was pretty impressed with Jordy’s Kalk Bay barrel and it was a really tough decision for me this month but in the end, I think Twig’s West Coast freight train is just too good!
Greg Emslie: Twig
Solid wave, lots of wind to deal with and a big playing field. He is deep and very committed.

2. Jordy Maree – Very good tube riding skills on this wave. Twiggy got the nod due to wave size but Jordy had a late drop, was extremely deep and did well to doggy door out the end.

Ettiene Buys: Twig
1- It’s Twiggy, kind of obvious, just for the charging and sheer size of barrel and wave. I know the wave he surfs and it’s not easy. 
2- Jordy close second with take off in barrel and riding just being phenomenal. 
Jordy Maree 
Beatings Winner:
Nic Njapha

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