16 January, 2019 16 January, 2019

SHC DEC WINNER: Bromdog & Jono

Done and done, well at least as far as entries are concerned! But for now ladies and gentlemen that’s a wrap on the 2018 Striped Horse Challenge. A massive shout out must be extended the way of every single contestant, hardcore charger, frother and all who put their bodies on the line out the back! As well as the comps epic sponsors: Striped Horse, BOS Ice Tea and Hurricane Surf!!

December saw a late uptick in entries, showcasing some solid waves from the last remnants of the years swell blowing up. In the end, taking home the bragging rights, some beer, Ice Tea and some surf accesories was the countries big ol charger Matt Bromley filmed by Tyler Walker, and what a wave it was. In a close second was the man the legend Grant Twiggy Baker. As for the beatings that was taken by Jono Oxenham. Have a watch and have a look, here’s what the judges had to say:

Paul Canning: I am going to go for Twig on this one. Twig, as usual, is smooth as silk on this perfectly ridden little gem of a barrel. As for the beating: I am going with Derek Horlock.

Ettiene Buys: Matt Bromley takes it for me on this one, enter the ninja for sure. That’s some pretty hard-charging! Super close is Twiggy’s barrel! Sick Pit. Then the beating: The west coast, That was a great one! – Jono Oxenham

Alan Van Gysen: It’s all very close, but in my humble opinion:
Matthew Bromley – Enter the Ninja, beating: Jono Oxenham

Jonathan Paarman: Matt Bromley Enter the Ninja. Beating: Jono Oxenham

Now, what happens next? Well, you’re just gonna have to hurry up and wait. Stay tuned, and find out when and where the finals night will take place!!

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  1. Cam
    16 January, 2019 at 11:36 am · Reply

    Wow! That enter the ninja video in slow motion is so epic!

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