8 October, 2018 8 October, 2018


The Striped Horse Challenge in association with BOS and Hurricane just closed shop on September. Hells bells this comp is moving fast. September the winds around the country made life a little tough, but nevertheless, we received some tasty entries, most of them from the warm waters of KZN.

Unlike previous months, Septembers winner was a no-brainer for the judges, and it was the reigning Striped Horse Challenge champ Derek Horlock who took home the months top prize with a whopper of a wave down the coast. Taking the beating of the month was Byran Wigmore, risking it but unfortunately not getting the proverbial biscuit.  Still, the lads and lasses from Striped Horse, BOS and Hurricane will be rewarding the man for his efforts, rightfully so.

Bring on October. Will this month play host to the last bits of winter swell around the country? Will the overall winner emerge from this month? Only time will tell as we move forward, full steam ahead, into the third last month of the competition. Don’t count your loses, rather measure your efforts. So get that entry in, today!! But, before you do that hear what our esteemed judging panel had to say about this months winner, Dereck Horlock and his wave of consequence:  

Greg Emslie:

1- Derek Horlock

Derek’s wave is by far the best of the pick. He really is making a name for himself as one of the best tube riders in SA. This wave is definitely going to be in the votes as an overall winner!

Ettiene Buys:
For me, it’s no 1, Derek Horlock! 
I think the wave explains itself as the winner! 
Paul Canning:
Derek Horlock
Derek is proving himself to be a consistent standout whenever the swell is up on the coast and it is barrelling. This is another well-ridden tube ride and the definite choice for me for September.
Derek Horlock’s long tube is definitely the best this month.
Obviously Bryan Wigmore’s wipeout.
Surfer: Derek Horlock Videographer: Peter Horlock Location: KZN 
Surfer: Byran Wigmore Videographer: Peter Horlock Location: KZN

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