7 November, 2018 7 November, 2018


Let’s be honest, the last month or so has seen some less than lekker conditions around the country. But when the opportunity presented itself, one of the countries finest barrel riders stepped up to the plate and delivered one of the most mouth-watering entries the Striped Horse Challenge has seen to date.

The man of the moment, KZN local, Davey Van Zyl. Brilliantly captured by Tatum Holder, we might add. The judges had there say, so have a listen:

Greg Emslie – DVZ

Are you kidding me, what is going to beat this? To start with, that first turn is huge and risks messing up a perfect wave, most would have hung around just waiting for the tube. Then he reads every section perfectly and gets super deep. Fantastic to watch. If this was in a contest, the judges would be stuffed, the scale would be broken!

Ettiene Buys – DVZ
The winner, in my opinion, is Davey Van Zyl, with the 4 barrel wave is gonna be hard to beat.  From takeoff, that wave is pretty incredible! 
AvG – Scott Venter
Eish, I’ve torn bru. Scott Venter’s backside no-hands barrel is pretty thick and chunky. And then Davey van Zyl’s wave/ride is good and long and also some pretty great tube time. But it’s not as meaty as Scott’s, and he doesn’t successfully ride it out. Four sections though. Mmm? I wish I could see Scott’s wave as a video for the timing and feeling of the length of tube ride. I’m 50/50 on these two. If I had to choose one I think I’m slightly leaning towards Scott. Pretty gutsy going no-hands through such a thick and meaty barrel.
Jonathan Paarman – DVZ
He rode that wave really really well. He set it up perfectly form the beginning.

We turn your attention toward the entry below, we won’t judge if you play it 50 times in a row.  Davey now joins, Grant Twiggy Baker, Wade Simkiss, Derek Horlock and Jordy Smith at the big boy table as we get into the tail end of the competition.


Surfer: Davey Van Zyl Videographer: Tatum Holder Location: KZN

Taking home the beatings prize was last years, and months, winner Derek Horlock. Watch as ‘Deeecup’ demonstrates a nuanced approach to the belly flop down the KZN South Coast.  

Surfer: Derek Horlock Videographer: Peter Horlock Location: KZN

With only two months to go, it’s a case of now or never. Time to rise up, get charging and enter. Don’t miss your chance to snatch eternal glory, making sure you leave it all out in the lineup as you charge harder than ever. Southern Africa needs it’s prized fighter, will that be you? 


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