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The Striped Horse Challenge in association with BOS and Hurricane is cruising into its 3rd month. July was mental with some crazy entries serving as a true testament to how off the charts this winter has been. It started off with a bang with wild entries from Davey Van Zyl and Dale Staples. But then came Mr Baker, with a wave that almost broke the internet as well as everyone’s jaw when they hit the floor. So with that being said, behold July’s winners, Grant Twiggy Baker and Jake Kolnik who will join Jordy and Paris in the finals. The winning videographer regarding Twiggy’s wave will only be announced at the awards evening following the close of this year’s competition. 

Yeeew, what a competition we have on our hand’s ladies and gentlemen!! So what made those three waves in particular so special? Well, this is why we have judges, so let’s hear from three of  them:

Johny Paarman:

This month we really had our work cut out for us, shows the winter we have had this year, some places just been all time really. For me, Dale’s wave takes it, not only was it a super fast wave testing his barrel riding ability but to do it all whilst swopping a GoPro from one hand to his mouth and then back, crazy. Then there’s the exceptional videography, keeping up with that wave. All round hands down the best July entry.  

Greg Emslie:

Twiggy ( I was debating between Twiggy and Davey, Davey’s wave is one we all dream of, and his positioning was perfect. After comparing the 2 waves, Twiggys was a much bigger wave, more wind to contend with. The camera angle was also looking into the barrel, so you could see Twig for longer, but he still disappeared for some time, had the camera been directly in front, Like Davey’s wave, I think Twigs wave would have looked even crazier, and the tube longer and deeper.

Paul Canning:

DVZ, definitely the easy choice for me! Two sick, deep barrels on one wave! Real KZN South Coast winter perfection!

The response this year has been electric, just head on over to the Striped Horse Challenge site to take a look at some of the best waves to have been detonating off our coast this winter. Find out more on how to enter here.

Surfer: Grant Twiggy Baker Photographer: Matthew Kleynhans Location: Western Cape

Surfer: Grant Twig Baker Photographer: Adrian Charles Location: Western Cape

Surfer: Jake Kolnik Photographer: Grant Scholtz Location: Western Cape

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