11 September, 2018 11 September, 2018


The Striped Horse Challenge in association with BOS and Hurricane has just rolled into its 4th month of competition. August dished out some late entries, saving the fire for the 99. We witnessed some insane barrel riding and board control from KZN to Cape Town. It was a tough call with some quality entries from Dale Staples (again), Matt Kruger and last years winner Dereck Horlock

At the end of the day no matter how much we want to award everyone that paddled out and put their body on the line there can only be one winner. And this month that one winner was Wade Simkiss with one helluva wave. Just check that steam cat go below. The other winner, Ryan Shepperson taking home bragging rights for enduring a solid beating. What are you waiting for, take a page out of their book and get your fins stuck in, don’t forget we need evidence, unfortunately, word of mouth ain’t gonna win this one. 

Now, it’s on to the next month, September a time where the winds tend to cause havoc around the country. But, we still back all you frothers to pull one out of the bag and get an entry into the SHC 2018. Set your line, and charge hard! The judges tossed and turned, 100% losing sleep over this months call. But, the fact remains a call must be made. 

Greg Emslie:  

Wayde Simkiss – What an epic wave. Double barrel and he was super deep in that second section. He had to choose the right line and speed trim to make. awesome to watch!

Paul Canning:

This month was a super tough decision for me. Two solid waves on that Superbank that turned into S.A’s version of Kirra. In the end, I decided to go with Wayde, just on how that second barrel just riffled off down the line and Wayde really rode it well to come flying out at the end!


Surfer: Wayde Simkiss Videographer: Graeme Brunt Location: KZN


Surfer: Ryan Shepperson Videographer: Graeme Brunt Location: KZN


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