4 February, 2019 4 February, 2019

Shark Tries to Sink Boat in Zini

This some ‘Deep Blue Sea’ shit right here! So, a father (42) and his laatie (19) were out on a routine field expedition to vang some fish offshore in Mtunzini, KZN. The area, notorious for big fish, lies just south (110 km) of  St.Lucia….a place where you could find not only sharks in the lineup but flippen crocodiles and hippo too. Yet, still, some oues brave the often scab coloured waters of Zini.

Anyway, the shark locked its jaws into one of the rhib boats pontoons, puncturing it, leaving the crew no doubt a little W.T.F like. In a statement, NSRI Richards Bay Station Commander, Norman Rautenbach, said his crew responded to the call for assistance.

“En route to the incident the father reported that they have made it safely to shore after eventually getting their motor started and they required no further assistance, ” said Rautenbach.

Now imagine that shark was that 25ft beast, Deep Blue, that bit into that pontoon… This story might have had a different outcome. In the end, the shark was just being a shark, swimming around and biting things. Perhaps, when they patch the boat up they use some of that ‘shark bite resistant‘ neoprene? Food for thought.

Good to see nobody, shark nor human, were harmed in the making of this article.

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