31 July, 2018 31 July, 2018

Sequence of the Week: Adin Masencamp

Before the man heads off to France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal all for QS events as well as Japan for ISA World Open Championships he was able to squeeze in a sick little trip. After receiving this sequence we got a hold of the blonde headed wave slaying millennial to find out more, over to Adin. 

Adin Masencamp:

“Morne and his girlfriend took me on a little holiday up the coast just to cruise and maybe get a few shots, I really didn’t expect anything waves wise but tagged along anyway with the crew and chucked a board in the back just in case. We missioned early the next morning and when we rocked up at the wave there was obviously nobody out cause it’s in the middle of nowhere, but the waves were kinda pumping. So I paddled out alone while Morne took photos from the rocks.”

“I got a couple J-Bay like runners with some open face turns and a couple punt section at the end, on the paddle back out I then lucked into this little double up drainer where I almost got too deep in the beginning but managed to get over the foam ball and ride the rest of the barrel. It was such a fun day of surfing with nobody else around nor in the water, probably just the men in Grey.”

Sequence Supplied by Morné Laubscher.

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