17 January, 2019 17 January, 2019

SBC December Winner: Wes Lewis

Wez Lewis, what a gem. Just have a look at that snap, framing ford like a champ. What did the head Shot Bru Challenge judge and Zag photo editor have to say? 
“The grain, the lens flares, the birds… This months Shot Bru Challenge winning image oozes mood, yeah you can feel that ooze ey? The man behind the lens, Wes Lewis is no stranger in the South African surf scene. Better known for his video edits. It is nice to see him shooting surf stills and I know we at Zag will be hoping for more from the talented shooter” – The Sheriff (Greg Ewing)
Yeah dude, we can feel that ooze!!
This months challenge is Air, so as long as there’s some daylight between you and that wave you’re golden. Too lazy to email? No stress tag Zigzag and drop a #shotbruchallenge on Insta and we’ll get your snap and file it away for that potential win! 
Hows a look at those air shots!

Beyrick de FREAK …. Just look at that air!! Greg Ewing ©


Ricky Bobby with the full send. Greg Ewing ©


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