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Satori Film Premiere 24 Nov, Book Now!

The Wavescape Festival partner Jack Black Beer proudly hosts the world premiere of Satori. 

The world premiere of a big wave surfing film hits the screen this weekend in Cape Town as part of the Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival. Made by award-winning director Rick Wall, Satori Film documents a hardy group of Cape Town surfers who have dedicated their lives to the ocean and riding huge waves at an infamous surf spot off Hour Bay called Dungeons and Sunset Reef, a rocky pinnacle that lies one kilometre off Kommetjie. The film, which will be screened this Saturday at Jack Black’s Taproom in Diep River, (Get tickets here), is part of a big wave theme at the festival.

Big wave surfing, although underground and practised by a mallcore of hardy surfers, lies at the centre of the surfing community of Cape Town. In the words of the founder of Wavescape.co.za and surf forecaster Steve Pike aka Spike: “Dungeons and Sunset are equally as scary and as beautiful as the internationally famous breaks like Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Mavericks and Nazare in Portugal. Also, Cape Town people are fascinated with the weather and the giant waves that lash the Cape of Storms. The big wave theme was a natural fit for the festival.”


Satori Film is set to become the de rigeur story of the heart and soul of the Cape Town big wave surfing crew, including up and coming youngsters, some who were as young as 14 when they first rode Dungeons.

“The film is a unique deviation from tired cliches. It exudes a salty authenticity that is the perfect antidote to the commercialised sycophancy in the narrative of big wave surfing that labours under the unrealistic weight of expectation by sponsors and surf brands,” Spike said. As big-wave hellman and adventurer Chris Bertish has said: “In big wave surfing you have to be 100% immersed in the moment. It forces you back into the present. And that’s where life is experienced at it’s fullest.”

The film includes Interviews with top big wave surfers such as former world champion Cass Collier, multiple world champion Twiggy Baker and hellman Chris Bertish, known for winning the Mavericks Challenge and crossing the ocean on a SUP.

Join for a night of craft beer, epic food, and prizes to celebrate our shared love for the ocean. Doors open 6 pm, followed by a speaker series from 7 pm. The film will screen at 8 pm. To book your seat, click the poster below the trailer.

See you there!

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