21 August, 2019 21 August, 2019

SA Champs – Day 1: Hero To Zero

Today marked the start of the Mercedes-Benz SA Surfing Championships presented by Buffalo City Municipality. The day started out rather dreamy, with a glorious sunrise and reeling waves, before it disintegrated into what could best be described as your standard QS-style slosh.
Regardless of the conditions, the competitors rose to the occasion and dropped some of the highest scores in some pretty rough conditions (here’s looking at you Tyrell Johnson, with your two excellent scoring rides).
Particularly noticeable was how our seasoned QS warriors – the likes of Jake Elkington, Bryce Du Preez, Joshe Faulkner, Zoe Steyn – looked exceptionally confident and explosive in their heats. It would seem that the experience racked up on the City Surf Series is coming to the fore. As expected, 5x SA Open Champ and Nahoon local Greg Emslie also looked particularly collected at his backyard break and made it through his heat with his signature speed-power-flow. The only thing keeping him from winning his heat was a sparky-looking Jake Elkington!
With a fear-inducing swell on the horizon, Day 2 promises to deliver some thrilling action and perhaps a few snapped board – we’ll keep you updated!
All images Pierre de Villiers

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