17 November, 2020 17 November, 2020

Round 2 Public Votes are Open – Pull In!

Another big month in Monster Combo land. The best surfers in the country have been dropping their primo clips in a hunt for the big prizes. Davey Van Zyl is in the mix with a cracker combo, along with Chad Du Toit, Dale Staples and Luke Thompson, to name a few.

Entries must show a single ride with variation, with at least two completed manoeuvres to qualify. Wave size, length of ride, flow between manoeuvres and technical difficulty will all be assessed by the judges. Each month, the judging panel will choose a monthly winner and a local hero. The winning monthly entries will be considered for the grand prize.

The prizes are pretty huge and are a combined effort from Monster, Pollywog, Zigzag, Channels Islands Surfboards and Billabong. For more on the prizes, including the grand prize, check it out here – https://zigzag.co.za/monstercombo/prizes/


As mentioned, round 2 has had some dynamic entries To go and check them out and throw a vote for your best ride, go here – https://zigzag.co.za/monstercombo/category/entries/round2/


If you’re holding a mad clip and want to let the world see it, and possibly win a free Zigzag editorial surf trip and R20k cash, then go and check out the rules of entry here – https://zigzag.co.za/monstercombo/rules/


It was a big win for Matt McGillivray last year, and he went on a sick trip to Asu in Indonesia. Watch his winning rides here – https://zigzag.co.za/monstercombo/2019-entries/
along with the rest of the 2019 entries.

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