16 October, 2017 16 October, 2017

Risky Ripples – EP 2

What do you think Matt Bromley would do if he wasn’t traversing the globe searching for waves of consequence? He’d probably involve himself in some other form of adrenaline inducing activities. Like downhill skateboarding or Wingsuit Flying or take part in The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. The man’s an adrenaline junkie. Searching for anything to kick those Epinephrine glands into action.

If someone had  to raise a gun to the mans head in exchange for his Iphone, his glands would probably refuse to pump, I mean he’s faced death so many times, the man would remain calm as a cucumber, deal with the situation in a logical manner.

Anyway, here’s Matt Bromley’s latest Risky Ripples episode. 


RISKY RIPPLES – Ep 2 from Matthew Bromley on Vimeo.

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