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Port St. John’s Christmas Day Shark Attack

Reports of a fatal shark attack in Port St. John’s have reached the Zag desk. If these are true, this attack will take the death toll up to seven in seven years. The report suggests that a Male swimmer at Port St Johns’ notoriously sharky Second Beach was taken by a shark on Christmas Day. The St Francis Chronicle spoke with John Costello, Station commander of the NSRI, who claimed that lifesavers tried to clear the water after a shark fin was seen close to hundreds of swimmers at Second Beach, but the lifeguards were reportedly unable to get everyone out of the water in time and a male swimmer was taken. Volunteers for the Port St Johns Sea Rescue were called to the scene following the incident to search for the missing man, but as of yet no body has been recovered. We’ll try to get updates on the incident when and if they come.


  1. Denzil Exford
    26 December, 2012 at 12:16 pm · Reply

    The sacrificing of chickens and whatever else in the river and sea must be stopped immediatly and then closely monitored and policed ( in the same way 4×4 bakkies are policed).  The Bull sharks have become used to easy meals and will now grab anything that comes into the water. Also it will take a long time for the sharks to stop this kind of feeding habit! Shark nets might be an immediate answer, however they may severely affect the Eco-system.

  2. Sbahle kebe
    27 December, 2012 at 6:27 am · Reply

    Oh! pls help we are living in fear now,each n evry year the shark continues to attack brutally on 2010 i composed a track titled (Esecond beach) iI thot dat song will make an impact Oh! no God forgiv us we cant do anything now. May their souls rest in peace God knows what he is doing.

    Sbahle kebe (Sba) Port St Johns

  3. Umit Ucar
    23 January, 2013 at 10:03 pm · Reply

    Is there a possibility of Liya Sibili (20) face up to Marcella (11 ft 10 in. – 1154 lbs) on Christmas day 2012?


    Marcella was travelling South West of Port Saint John’s on Dec 24 2012. 
    6.16pm through North East of Port Saint John’s on Dec 26 2012 6.51am. What do you think? Regards, Mr. Umit Ucar


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