27 November, 2019 27 November, 2019

Pitstop with Adin Masencamp

Like defending pineapples place on a pizza drawing blood from ‘The Rock’ can be extremely difficult. With so many photographers and surfers, all trying to make a name for themselves, competition is higher than the looney at the local. But some, like Adin Masencamp, seem to draw blood as if they grew up in the casualty ward. 

Celebrated and incentivised, Adin is one of the hardest working pro surfers around. Hungry for work, he understands that every published shot monetizes his ride, which in turn, gets him to QS events that count, and a step closer to the big leagues. It’s hard to stay out of the limelight when you’re ready to work for it. 

Adin will be squaring off against Nat Young, Weslley Dantas and Tristan Guilbaud in Heat 16 of Round 2 at the Vans World Cup of Surfing, Sunset beach. Make sure your Wi-Fi, like Adins surfing, is cooking.  

Duncan Macfarlane ©


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