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People Like Us – Jerome Mosetic

Jerome Mosetic, he’s an absolute hond at sniffing out an Indo tube as well as a badass behind the viewfinder. With roots along the Garden Route, more specifically, Vic Bay, Jerome has since adopted a more transient way of life than most. With no real local break, he bounces between Cape Town, Durban and the world as he floats about the ocean aboard superyachts, chasing coconuts, barrels and good vibes. Travel has undoubtedly shaped the man as much as the ocean has influenced him. When your job’s a constant adventure and your motto is ‘where to next?’ Life seems to never give you lemons.

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Name: Jerome Mosetic.

Age: 43.

Nickname: Had a few random nicknames over the years but none that’ve ever stuck… so leave it at that.

Occupation: Marine engineer.

Favourite board: My Dutchie 6’2” Reaper model step-up with a round pin.

Signature move: Don’t really have a signature move, but damn do I love a good tube!

Dream surf destination: Indonesia continues to tick all the boxes. It’s 100% my ultimate “dream” destination.

Favourite surfer: Craig Anderson.

Most underrated: Ryan Burch.

What’s on the playlist: Usually something heavy, Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica, Hellyeah. I also smaak for some laid back stuff: Xavier Rudd, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Pearl Jam.

Cardinal sins committed:

1)Surfed without a leash: Yeah, but only ever in small surf when I was a cheeky grom.

2)Missed good waves for a dumb reason: Bru, from being too hungover once or twice… but not anymore.

3)Burnt a mate: Nah, I’ve been tempted but never followed through.

4)Lied about how good the surf was: Never, if I mentioned the surf was good it was cooking foh sho!

Worst grom abuse suffered: I’d like to think I flew under the radar in my grom days, but I do have a vague recollection of some older guys taking my sandwiches, ey I was hungry too.

Best Travel tip: No doubt, learn a couple of phrases of the local lingo. Always useful.

The best thing about being a SA surfer: Hmmmmmm… probably the relatively uncrowded lineups and general good vibes.

Last time you laughed at a mate: Everyday at my travel partner and girlfriend, Jennifer.


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