1 November, 2018 1 November, 2018

Oahu’s North Shore & the Seven Mile Miracle

As we build up to the most anticipated event on the CT, the Billabong Pipeline Pro, the surfing community turns its attention toward Hawaii and everything that comes with it over the next few months. With this in mind, we review the natural surfing phenomenon that is the North Shore.

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, the spiritual home of surfing. The holy land of waves, where you’ll find a seven-mile stretch containing some of the best surf breaks on the planet, surrounded by pure natural volcanic glory. 

Despite the crowded peaks, cases of gnarly localism, the north shore displays one helluva set of world-class waves, the land of the surfing superlatives. When it comes to pulling the rabbit out the hat, Hawaii is second to none thanks to its geography. Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is surrounded by opportunity where swell direction is considered. Primetime kicking off right now between November and February, when low-pressure systems do the work and send perfect waves barreling into the Hawaiian coastline.



The stretch of coast has everything, beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, left and right-handers, suited for the fearful to the fearless. The Seven Mile Miracle is without question a surfers’ paradise. Heaven on Earth to many. The area, sacred to locals, so best make sure you leave your ego at home and respect the experience in its entirety.

This 11km strip of surfing delight begins at Haleiwa Beach Park, in the south, and goes all the way to Sunset Beach, in the north. In between lie the famous peaks of Left Overs, Waimea Bay, Log Cabins, Rockpile, Off The Wall, Backdoor, Banzai Pipeline, Pupukea, Gas Chambers, Rocky Point, Monster Munch, and Kammieland, just to name a few.





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