28 November, 2016 28 November, 2016

Numb In Norway Part 2 – With Steven Sawyer

We recently interviewed JBay local, dual shark attack survivor, and surf coach, Shannon Ainslie who has been living it up in Norway for the past few months. The call to colder waters, uncrowded waves and breathtaking fjords drew Steven Steezy Sawyer across the ocean to visit his buddy Shannon.  

“Norway, wow. The more I travel the bigger the world seems to get,” Steven said. “From the people and their culture and history, the crazy scenery with the mountains, fjords and snow to the pumping world-class waves with less than a handful of people to witness it – each day amazed me. To top it all off I got to see the Northern Lights! By far the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Norway has the amazement factor in everything. It’s a must see.”

Check out the gallery of some of the action from Steven’s trip. Images by Nick Corkill

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