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Nthando Msibi in ‘Biggy City’

Former Zag employee and Videographer Calvin Thompson, or as he is affectionately known ‘Junior’ brings you  Monday Blues a series of short films set to drop every Monday. With his latest rendition still fresh to the web we got in touch with Calvin for a little background to the web series as well as the story behind episode 3. 
Zag: We loving the Monday Blues so far, wheres this all coming from? 
Calvin: This year I decided to take on the mammoth task of making and uploading weekly videos to my Youtube channel, with the aim of posting them every Monday under the title “Monday Blues.” 
The show’s intention is simply to create something entertaining, thought-provoking and uplifting, just to give people some stoke on their Monday mornings and help owes kick off the week on a good note. I’m hoping the quality and level of ideas keeps upgrading and evolving, but mainly I hope that myself and anyone who gets involved as a participant or viewer, just have a bloody lekker time in the process. If people dig the concept they’d really be helping me by Subscribing to my YouTube channel.
So what’s the story behind ‘Biggy City’?
This is a pretty special episode for me, and I’ve been holding onto the footage since 2017 I think, and finally found the right time and platform to put it out on. It takes a ‘day in the life’ approach, following Nthando Msibi, Tyler James and Sung Min Cho, who are some of my best mates from the Surfers Not Street Children program in Durban, South Africa.
As we follow them through two days together, all types of shananigans insue: from getting skunked and cut up on the bluff, Tyler’s cabbie getting stolen, and finally ending off with the boys finally scoring, with big boosts and bails at a gnarly shorebreak session in town, they manage to keep their stoke levels high throughout. 
That’s the surface description, but at the heart of the episode, it shows three young dudes, still finding their path in life and all from different backgrounds and walks of life, rising above the struggles they face and making the absolute most out of life together.  I hope it entertains but I also hope it sparks the inner grom in some of us, and gets people off their screens and into some adventures of their own!

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