20 December, 2017 20 December, 2017

Nonfiction: The Connor O’Leary Profile

Connor O’Leary is one of those surfers on the Championship Tour we seriously dig. He’s got a lightening fast backhand whip, and a sushi knife forehand carve to compliment. Connor just missed qualification by one spot in 2015 and came back with vengeance in 2016 to win the whole damn thing.

Connor’s got a classic style, a kinda throwback to the knock-knee, low off the bottom Luke Egan approach we used to froth on back in the early 2ooos. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching the man perform on the world stage, and we hope to see many more years of that electric backhand whip for years to come.

Oh yes, and there’s some dope tracks involved, so get Shazam ready and on cue. 


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