9 November, 2017 9 November, 2017

Noa Deane Stars in Candle

We thank the lord for free surfing everyday. Not that there’s anything wrong with the tour. Nah, we dig the tour. But the tour is pseudo. We all love each other on tour. Nobody speaks their mind (except Bobby). They’re all good friends. The music they use is soft. It’s all  consumer driven, to appeal to everyone and anyone possible. Not free surfing. it’s loud, it’s brash, its full of character, it’s angst. It’s missing three sections to bust the biggest carve you can muster. It’s straight slobs instead of rotations.

Noa Deane Stars in Candle, and it’s the best free surfing clip you’ll watch this side of the week.


CANDLE. from noa deane on Vimeo.


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