16 March, 2017 16 March, 2017

Mozambique – After The Storm

Tyerell Jordaan has just returned from a trip to Mozambique with the Du Preez brothers, Mitch and Bryce. Having arrived just three days after Cyclone Dineo made landfall, they saw how the storm wreaked havoc on the coastal villages of Tofo and Tofino. But they were also able to take advantage of the new sand banks created by the cyclone. 

After two days of driving we arrived in the evening,” said Tyerell. “As the sun rose it was clear that people had been hit hard as there were wrecked houses and stripped roofs wherever you went. The locals are extremely resilient and had already started rebuilding most of their homes. However, there were some really fun, punchy waves. Here are some captures of the locals and surf action from our trip.”

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