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The WSL’s first official tour event in a wave pool has kicked off in Lemoore, California. Are we watching history in the making or a mistaken detour we’ll look back on in hindsight?
Let us know what you reckon, especially considering the fact that the Surf Ranch will feature on the 2019 CT. While you’re about it, read the two contrasting opinions from our scribes that appeared in issue (42.5). 
One the one side, a surfer expressing excitement like a giddy child on Christams. The other more indifferent and reluctant to drink the Koolaid on offer by the WSL.   

Opinion 1: Tubes on tap

By Simon Nicholson

At 10:00 pm on 28 September 2002, I stood shivering on the edge of a pool in the middle of the Pilanesberg mountains. Rave music was blaring from speakers, lasers were lighting up the sky, and I was holding a surfboard in the dark, waiting for a sculpted lion’s head to start spurting water, which would be my cue to jump in. I was at the Valley of the Waves at Sun International’s Lost City resort.

Travis Logie and I were finalists in a man-on-man surf-off at a Spring Break festival. It was held on a cold spring evening, with hundreds of people on the beach dancing to hideous music. We drank beers between waves and whoever could fit that extra turn in before it closed out against the wall, would win. Trav won.

The wave was horseshit but we were having a jol. The novelty wave factor could not be denied. At no point was it comparable to surfing… (hit the link below, to read more)…


Keanu Asing (HAW) has a heat total of 12.50 points (out of a possible 20.00) after his Qualifying Run 1 and 2 at the 2018 Surf Ranch Pro in Lemoore, CA, USA.



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  1. Chlorine up the nose
    10 September, 2018 at 10:05 am · Reply

    It is too effing small bra……Owen and Jordy cannot fit in those little waves.

    Also if it is going to be like a video game ……have the switches to make it bigger and give them variety.

    Otherwise ……….besides Toledo and Medina freak abilities and some nice lady bum…..the downtime between waves is nails to chalkboard stuff with the commentators drilling a whole in your head yusslyk!

    Love to know why they cannot pump up the size.

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