9 November, 2018 9 November, 2018

MFeb Goes Full Vans

Michael February seems to be the talk of the town amongst the surfing community at the moment. A day or so ago he dropped a unique surf edit in collaboration with Surfer, serving as a stylistic expose. Today the surfing world awoke to the news, as reported by Stab (and heavily relied upon for this piece) that his time with Quiksilver has drawn to a close, as he moves into a full ‘head to toe’ deal with Vans. 

The 25-year-old rookie on tour slogged his way through the QS grind, securing a full-time time spot on the CT. Mikeys best result on tour so far saw him through to the quarterfinals at Chopes. Mikey is cut from a different cloth to other world tour surfers. Regardless of results, Mikeys unique interpretive surfing style has made him one of the most talked about surfers on the planet. 

Photographer: Greg Ewing

At 31st in the rankings, it’s unlikely we’ll see Mikey on tour next year, yet this all seems okay, especially considering sponsorship. During the US Open, Quiksilver premiered their “Generations” Film, with Mikey’s section by far the crowd favourite, where he reigned down on the ocean with his twin fin. His new six-figure, five-year partnership with Vans will likely enable Mikey to further captivate the surfing world through his hypnotic demeanor. Exciting and interesting times ahead, that’s for sure. 


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