12 August, 2013 12 August, 2013

Mega Swell On The Way – Cape Town to get XXL, again?

It’s still early days, but the forecast models on swell.co.za are showing a storm of mega proportions due to hit South Africa this coming weekend.

More of this? No, bigger and messier. - Twiggy and Simon Lowe charge last week's swell at Dungeons.

More of this? No, bigger and messier. – Andy Marr (deepest) and Simon Lowe charge last week’s swell at Dungeons.

The peak of the swell right now is predicted at an incredible 8.7 metres @ 19 seconds off Cape Town on Saturday afternoon. To put that into perspective, the recent Dungeons / Sunset swell was more or less half that size and measured 5.4 metres @ 19 seconds at its peak.

Don’t expect the same pristine conditions though: the swell is predicted to come with howling westerly winds and rain, which will abate as the swell eases into Sunday and Monday. This comes directly after another solid swell that sweeps up the country on Wednesday into Thursday.


Forecast models this far out are tricky business though and can change on a whim, so stay tuned to swell.co.za to see how the mega storm develops. And dust off that big wave gun, just in case.

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  1. Twig
    12 August, 2013 at 2:05 pm · Reply

    The picture is of Andrew Marr and Simon 🙂

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