17 November, 2016 17 November, 2016

Mavericks Madness

“The way it cups out in the bowl as you take off is like no other, the drop is steep and gives you a rush every time,” said Grant Baker. “After that it will throw you a couple of bonus sections to get a barrel or draw some big bottom turns and off the tops. It really is the ultimate big wave.”
For us mere mortals the sight alone gives us a rush.
Mavericks – the Holy Ground for chargers, North America’s premiere big wave spot, host of some of the most awe inspiring mountains of water. The brave can be found gritting their teeth and taking the the radical plunge, on the hunt for that adrenaline rush, their fifteen minutes of fame and to score that next magazine cover.   
Mavericks pitches a barrel a wide and tall as severl humans. Ken Collins taking the plunge. © Ryan 'Chachi' Craig

Mavericks pitches a barrel a wide and tall as severl humans. Ken Collins taking the plunge. © Ryan ‘Chachi’ Craig

Saffa Grant ‘Twig’ Baker returned to Mavericks after a two year sabbatical only score the spot as good as it gets. “I love Mavericks because of how contained it is! The conditions for that week were sublime, hot, sunny and offshore with warm water and the swells where all groomed with a long period,” said Twiggy. “The first swell was around the 15-18ft mark and as perfect and uncrowded as Mavericks gets with just a few of the core locals around. The second swell was more serious in the 20-25ft size with guys flying in from all over the world so it was more crowded and competitive but still good fun and a great vibe in the water.”
Twiggy feeling it. © Ryan 'Chachi' Craig

Twiggy feeling it. © Ryan ‘Chachi’ Craig

Twig has a very fine understanding of the guns beneath his feet as he crafts his boards with shapers around the world. 
“I design all my boards specifically for each wave and then work with a local shaper in the area who finishes the machine cuts and adds a little of his own knowledge of the wave into the final finish,” said Twig. “This way I’m able to ride similar boards around the world but each one has characteristics suited to its particular wave. My Mavericks boards this year were finished by Chris Christenson and they have a little more rocker, are slightly wider in the nose and have less volume in the rails than my Jaws and Dungeons boards as this is what is needed at Mavericks for them to perform.”
Ryan ‘Chachi’ Craig is one of the best photographers in the game. Check out his insane captures of some of the gnarliest rides and wipeouts. Click images for full size…

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