6 May, 2019 6 May, 2019


Congratulations Matty McGillivray, April’s winner of the Monster Combo. Matty’s efforts see him win a custom Channel Islands surfboard, an entry into the final round and a chance to win R20 000 cash + 10day trip to Sozinhos Lodge in Asu, Indonesia, with Beyrick De Vries and the Zag crew. Grant Clegg feeling the good vibes too, banking 1k for his efforts behind the lens. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the window period is closing! Only 1 month of competition remains, don’t let a golden opportunity go a-begging. Grab your camera and drag your mate down the beach, get those combo’s down and send’em in!!


Travis Logie

– Winner for me is entry 25, Matty McG 


– Matty McG wins our vote for April. Eli Beukes and DVZ’s two entries were right up in the mix, but Matty’s speed generated and pinpoint precision of the first two cracks (throwing buckets that would make KFC jealous) was what we’ve been looking for. This momentum and timing set him up perfectly for the extra tail high full rote serving to finish off the double XL monster combo.


– Matt McGillivray. In a final standoff with our runner up, Shane Sykes, Matt took the win thanks to the fluidity and grace of his combo. The point of difference for us was Matt’s combo included three big tuns that all displayed variety and subtle tweaks with no flapping in between. 


– My vote is Matty McGillivray Clip… two turns to an air reverse. No pumping in between and a sick air to end. Quaity!


– Dale Staples


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