27 May, 2013 27 May, 2013



While we at Zag make no claims to be surf forecasters, there’s a swell looming on the horizon that looks set to be somewhere in-between ‘massive’ and ‘faarken’ ginoromous’.

The big purple blob that’s setting the swell charts alight is due to smash into Cape Town this coming Saturday 1 June late in the afternoon, peaking on Sunday afternoon at 8.3 metres @ 16 seconds according to swell.co.za.

The swell fills up the east coast rapidly on Sunday with strong westerly winds.

While the big wave crew will no doubt be dusting off their guns and tow sleds, looking for somewhere that can handle the monstrous conditions, normal surfers will be looking at those protected points and bays for the best chance of a good wave.

Stay tuned to www.swell.co.za to see how this one plays out.

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