16 February, 2018 16 February, 2018

Marck Botha 1st Trip to Hawaii

Marck Botha, a man synonymous with the surfing industry. Recently Zag caught up with him to touch base on his inaugural trip to Hawaii. Here’s what the man himself had to say:
“It was my 1st time in Hawaii, I went with the idea of swimming and shooting Pipe in all it’s glory – that being big and super clean. The first six weeks of my trip did not produce enough north-west swells to properly awake Pipe. After a couple weeks on the island, there was a decent NW swell forecast but it just so happened that was the day I was supposed to fly back home. I could not fly away from my dreams of being out at Pipe at its best. So I did what any rational person would do and I extended my stay and man was worth an extra dollar or two. It meant I got to collect on two days of absolute flawless Pipe. It’s an amazing experience to be out at the world’s best wave, at its best.”
“Shooting at Pipe is really fun and exciting, there is an astonishing amount of beauty and power on display. The water is amazing, the backdrop is beautiful and you can feel the energy of the earth, you truly get the sensation you’re in a special place. There is a small channel to shot from, where waves break infrequently, but every once in a while there will be a rogue wide set that cleans the channel out. It keeps you on your toes, or fins rather, when you spot that rogue wave it’s head down and you aim for the horizon. It’s not the place you want to get caught on the inside, there is little to no margin for error. When pushing under a set you literally have less than half a meter wiggle room between the volcanic reef and the foam explosions above. Although it’s roughly 36 hours travelling time from South Africa to Hawaii, I can definitely say I’m keen to go back and hopefully get it a bit bigger next time!” 

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