10 October, 2018 10 October, 2018

Major Climate Report Predicts Ocean Crisis

The future of our world’s oceans is looking ominous following a report put out by UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just two days ago. This ain’t no longer a case of good news vs bad news, it’s now more a scenario of crisis vs armageddon!! Trust me, I read the whole thing, it’s grim!

In a nutshell, the worst case scenarios are coming true, spelling disaster for the climate and everything under its umbrella. As it stands, we have at most a decade to pull up our socks, roll up our sleeves and get seriously productive and innovative with regard to the manner in which we address climate change. Ten years, that’s it! If we continue with the ‘business as usual’ approach scenes out of the Book of Eli are gonna come in to fruition, real soon.  

What can we expect? A lot! Stronger hurricanes, rising sea levels, complete destruction of coral reefs, mass extinctions, basically crippled oceans across the globe. The terrestrial world will experience a similar gloomy fate, sigh…. Piping up at your book club meeting and saying ‘I recycle’ or ‘I only buy organic’ ain’t gonna cut it no more, Pam! Individuals need to take on as much responsibility as posable now, like today! 

This apocalyptic future isn’t generations away, happening in a galaxy far far away. It’s a Fatboy Slim song – right here, right now!! 2040 is when the shit is set to klap the fan, that’s within the majority of the worlds lifetime!! Thought we had more time? Yeah even me. Problem is that previous estimates were based on 2 degrees of warming, which was more than we expected to actually see, and meaningful cuts in carbon emissions could probably keep a rise like that from happening.

However, the IPCC feels this figure is actually much closer to just 1.5 degrees which would bring about the same disastrous consequences. And guess what? We are well on track to meet that target and soon. It will take a drastic and complete overhaul of the economies of the industrialized and industrializing world to slow the effects brought on by rising temperatures. And, we are going to need to create technologies that don’t even exist today, to aid the already monumental efforts required. It’s all about tomorrow today!. 

Blah blah enviro blah blah… Where’s the surfing? Well, such drastic changes will affect every single part of your surfing life. Breaks will change around the world due to rising sea levels. Sea life darting under your board at those tropical reef breaks, bye bye. Gone. Extreme weather will be far more commonplace. People who live the closest to the coast will be displaced, salt water will impact soil quality on land. And that’s just the lick of the iceberg. Truth is, even the best and brightest don’t fully understand everything that’s headed our way, it could be far worse than we anticipate. It’s time to embrace that cliche of every little bit helps. Small changes and actions add up, time for marine citizenship to fly!



  1. Grog
    14 October, 2018 at 10:06 am · Reply

    Ya bru if you actually believe the climate change agenda then you aint too bright. Go back in history and read, they’ve been predicting the end of the world within ten years due to climate change since the 1800’s. If they were actually ever correct I would be knee deep in water in my second floor living room right now.

  2. the_sharkman
    15 October, 2018 at 10:35 am · Reply


    I would encourage you to read the full report. Climate change is more than just rising CO2 levels.

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