4 April, 2019 4 April, 2019


Congratulations Luke Slijpen, March’s winner of the Monster Combo. Luke’s efforts see him win a custom Channel Islands surfboard, an entry into the final round and a chance to win R20 000 cash + 10day trip to Sozinhos Lodge in Asu, Indonesia, with Beyrick De Vries and the Zag crew. John Slijpen feeling the good vibes too, banking 1k for his efforts behind the lens. 


The final judge’s decisions went as follows:


It was a tight, split decision between Max Elkington and Luke Slijpen. Both surfers showcased one of the cornerstones that define a combo: economy of movement. But it was Luke Slijpen’s variety that won the day. Each turn had an unexpected edge, particularly the 3rd turn, where he really rolled the rail over with undeniable power and flow. Well done Luke! 

It’s good to see the groms using their rail, Max’s two rail carves would’ve filled Luke Egan’s appetite. The bonus “Wrong Beach” flat section cutty and close out turn added to the wave, but all the points were won on those two well-connected power carves. Speed, power, flow. Beautiful.


Ricky’s tube was rad and then used the speed from the tube to go straight into the stylish down carve. One line with a whole lot of speed! I really feel that the entries thus far don’t reflect the talent levels that this region has to offer!
Go fast and link two major manoeuvres together!  Zoe Steyn has the right idea with the way she was using the speed from one turn into the next but just could have used a bit more flare. You aren’t trying to get a 6.5 in a heat. You have a whole month to try and do this! Let’s gooooo!!!
Three huge varied turns in a row with no downtime between maneuvers whilst maintaining excellent form and technique.

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