31 January, 2019 31 January, 2019

Look’s Like Kelly’s Now Made in China

The Chinese, they’re everywhere. Turn basically anything upside down and you’re likely to see the words ‘Made in China’ etched into the bottom. A powerhouse nation that is getting stuck into anything and everything they can, just look at their hand in Africa’s developing nations for example. Well, this ain’t about Africa, this is about waves… artificial ones.

Apparently, the China chop shop wave comes in at a cool crisp 4 million doll-hairs, whilst the O.G wave out in Lemoore was stacked at a gasp’ful 20 mil.  Will it be as good, we don’t know, probably not tho.

Footage recently showed up on YouTube, caked in questions, showing the wave pool in China’s Henan Province dishing out some rolling water, sporting familiar infrastructure. Until the interwebs dishes out more info, have a look for yourself at this roller coaster setup. 

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