15 November, 2019 15 November, 2019

Live from Nazaré with Fabian

It’s Big Wave season, well for half the world, Nazaré has come alive, Mavricks is starting to show signs of waking up and Jaws is being closely watched, fingers crossed we in for a screamer. This news doesn’t exactly incite a lot for a lot of us, but for Kommetjie born and bred water fed, Fabian Campagnolo the froth is at an all time high.  

A couple days back, a clip surfaced on the gram of Fabian running down a pretty sizey face in Portugal and after hearing how he’s funding his travels we reached out to shed some light on his plans for the coming months. Following the clip in question Fabians baritone voice takes over, stick around. 


Footage – Pedro Zacheu Cover Image – Sebastian Staines

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