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Let’s Talk Trash

Yesterday Zag posted an article about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch detailing how it is 16 times larger than previously believed. In line with this comes an edit from Dan Mace, featuring South Africa’s favourite surfer Jordy Smith. Zag decided to find out a little bit more about what the motivation behind the project was, cue Kyle Duckitt the man in charge of strategy and communication:

We came up with an idea for a vehicle for change called ‘Lets talk trash’. The idea stemmed from a polluted beach near Dan’s hometown. We were fed up with the lack of action around the damaging effects of pollution in the ocean and nature in general, specifically plastic. Therefore we decided to build a massive floating trash can and put it in the ocean for Jordy to air into; If Jordy can land in the Trash, why can’t your waste? This is a concept purely to spark conversation. we are currently building the website www.letstalktrash.org where we ask for already existing sustainability programs that need funding. We in no way believe in creating some solution that’s going to save the planet, no, we believe that the right people talking together will, that’s why its a platform for change essentially enabling possibilities. That’s for now at least. 

We will pose a ‘challenge for change’. You donate, we pose the initiative and if we reach the bid, an athlete will perform a stunt to land in the trash.  We tested it with Jords and it worked great, but its still just a concept and so is the Video. Once people are directed to the site, we hope they will share initiatives they need help with, and then take it from there, one film at a time. 


Video by: Dan Mace/ Surfer: Jordy Smith

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