23 July, 2019 23 July, 2019

Corona Open Lay-days with Jeremy Loops

With the dust from the Corona Open J-Bay still yet to settle, we take a look back at one lay-day in particular. A day that saw Ian ‘The Hawkman’ Thurtell bump into none other than Mr. Loops himself. Post surf, Ian found himself plying neoprene from his bareback when a shadow crossed the sun, blocking off the warming embrace of cancerous UV.

Looking up half-blinded by the sun that snuck through the gap between the unknown figure’s arm and torso, he noticed the bun of all man buns. It was right then and there that the Hawkman knew he’d be reapplying that neoprene and trading his single fin for a water housing.

Jeremy, taking advantage of the luxury that comes with hitting the snooze button exhausted from 5 straight nights of selling out venues just needed that little bit of time to himself. And that’s exactly what he got, scoring an uncrowded peak to himself in the relatively sleepy town of Cape St Francis.

All images – Ian Thurtell

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