17 October, 2017 17 October, 2017

Lady Loggers J-Bay

There are a group of superbly talented ladies who ride logs currently residing in Jeffreys Bay. On the weekends, they all get together and surf Lower Point.  Exchanging hang tens, good vibes and drop knee cutties. And the atmosphere in the water couldn’t be better, a coupla mermaids cross-stepping their way to and from the nose, smiling, laughing, splashing, beautiful. “Could this be paradise?” you ask yourself as you look shore ward and feel the sharp pinch of a thousand draftsmen approved face brick conglomerations that is reality. 

Enjoy Kody McGregor’s gallery of the logging girls.

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  1. Neline
    17 October, 2017 at 11:52 am · Reply

    Proud to say that I have coached and fellow coached with two of the lovely lady’s.

    Pure beauty inside and out


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